Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm no Trekie

Star Trek! Oh how I loathed that show. I have never been a T.V. guy. The thought of sitting down for hours upon hours watching a colorful box makes me antsy. I much prefer the outdoors. God didn't bless me with a badonkadonk, which I have always taken as a sign that I wasn't meant to spend much time sitting--and I haven't.

Back to Star Trek. My dad loved that show. He thought it was the coolest thing. Even back then (I guess I must have been 5-8) I knew I wasn't into that silly space crap. I have no interest in outer space, never have, probably never will. Space has always seemed so cold and empty to me. I love THIS world, so why the heck would I try to explore elsewhere and risk meeting aliens and prove my best friend right. Anyhooo I could give you all my anti-space lecture some other time. For now I'll just show you a video that probably would have made me a Star Trek fan, had it been anything like the actual show.

p.s. Sorry for not posting in a while. I was exhausted from finals. And now I work full time. So I will do my best to post more.

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