Wednesday, December 29, 2010

great expectations

I have a theory. Well, I have many theories. This theory pertains to expectations and success. The other day I was watching a Lil Wayne interview that was done just after the release of "The Carter III," and all the success of the initial several weeks of that album. The interviewer who was not shown, asked Lil Wayne if he had expected this album to be such a smashing success, and if he expected to be this successful as a result of the album. Lil Wayne at first tried to say that he had expected this album to be a major success, but then he corrected himself and told the interviewer what his mom told him when he was younger. His mom had told him to never expect a lot because then you wouldn't be disappointed when things didn't go your way. Hearing this really upset me, mostly because I have been raised by a mom that said just the opposite. I thoroughly believe that if you expect greatness, you will be motivated to put forth the effort and hard work to make your expectations a reality. I also believe that if you expect little, you will get little. So any mom that tells her children not to expect much is crippling them. In psychology we call this a self-fulfilling prophecy. Robert Rosenthal was one of the first psychologists to study this phenomenon. He found that teachers who expected less out of certain students due to their prejudices ended up confirming their suspicions, this was mostly due to the teacher's bias argued Rosenthal. The teachers treated these students differently, they dumbed down their instructions and expected/demanded less of these same students. So when test time came, these students were less prepared for the rigorous and objective tests that they had been inadequately equipped for. In reading Machiavelli's "The Prince" I stumbled upon this quote that I found very inspiring. Especially since I know that this was written just under 500 years ago. "He should behave like those archers who, if they are skilful, when the target seems too distant, know the capabilities of their bow and aim a good deal higher than their objective, not in order to shoot so high but so that by aiming high they can reach their target." So the moral of the day is to expect great things. Expect the best from others-and definitely expect the best from yourself. I always tell my friends when they are suffering from self doubt, "I always bet on me" you need to do the same.

By far the best song from The Carter III: Lollipop

Guess my favorite line in this song.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flip through some pages!

Is there anything more delightful on this earth then a garage sale that has only books? I certainly can't think of many things better. The other day I spent a good hour and a half sorting through hundreds of classics being sold for 1 and $2. I thought I hit the lottery, and I came home with handfuls of greek lit. and the book I'm currently reading, Machiavelli's "The Prince." What a tragedy it is that no one reads anymore. I think it is terribly sad that some of the most eloquent and beautiful things ever written will never be read. This is why it is impossible for me to consider as a friend or otherwise, anyone who doesn't read at their leisure. So, read more, write more, stretch that mind of yours! The mind is a terrible thing to waste.......

Just one of those things.....

you're my favorite of the women in my life
though you love me one day
and hate me the next
you're as beautiful to me-as the sky you reflect

you're my lover
though you caress me gently one day
and thrash me fiercely the next
you're delightfully intricate- and infinitely complex

you're my confidant
though you listen patiently one day
and interrupt me constantly the next
you're a salve for my wounds-you negate their effects

you're my favorite contradiction
though you may kill me
and take my body far from home
I can think of nothing more eloquent-than your seas forever to roam

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Return to poetry

I took a poetry class at Cal Poly. I loved every second of it till I pulled a 48 hour straight massive poetry fest where I put together a gigantic portfolio with my heart and soul bared for my teacher to grade. I received a "B" in that class and I'm afraid it soured my experience so badly that I haven't written a line of poetry until now. And now I am forcing myself back to the sanctuary I used to run to. So tread softly you who read this, and keep in mind that corny love poems are my favorite topic. I only want to share the first stanza with you.


You’re a collection of glances
Each of them stolen
And all of them the contraband of my dreams
My imagination is no substitute for your beauty
And like the addict I’ve become
My appetite for your loveliness is no match
for the shortage I endure

Someday I hope to marry a woman who's beauty is contraband.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love or something like it

This is just so perfect. I know I've felt abused by love before.

Friday, December 17, 2010

So true!

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. ~Edwin Denby

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feature Artist: Inna

How do I describe Inna and her music? Well, I don't. Usually after watching one of her music videos I am incapable of coherent thought and describing something is far down on the list of activities I would like to be doing. Anyway, don't take my word for how amazing (great song) she is, listen and watch for yourself! Her music videos all feature beautiful women (Inna takes the cake in all videos) and some sort of high energy activity, whether dancing, fighting, surfing, clubbing, whatever! So I guess I like the videos for the combination of beauty and activity. Did I mention it's good music?


Sun is up

10 minutes

Deja Vu



Hot (Dancing in the dark Video Remix)