Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I were to write the Governator.

In my poetry class at Cal Poly our teacher gave us an assignment which he planned to use as a tool to get to know us. There were several questions on the assignment and many were writing prompts. One such prompt said "Hypothetical situation: You find yourself face to face with Governor Schwartzeneger. You have exactly three minutes to tell him anything at all about your life as human being in California and he listens attentively the whole time. What would you say to him?" Here is my response:

Governor Schwartzenegger, life as a Californian is marvelous in many respects not the least of which is the fact that our state has the tenth largest GDP in the world. Our success affords us many luxuries, but it also demands that we be at the forefront of growing industries and always stay ahead of the competition. In order to maintain our high standard of living and remain competitive we must revamp our education system in California and manage our budget in a way befitting a state with a GDP the size of a major industrialized country. One way we can help achieve both those goals simultaneously is to completely revolutionize the way we deal with our state’s inmates. Instead of spending huge amounts of money to tether inmates and trap them inside doing nothing and helping no one, lets make them work. I believe this will be beneficial in two ways: It will help pay for the tremendous burden of housing and feeding this states inmates, and it will accomplish many critical state infrastructural goals. Inmates could be used to build bridges, roads, damns and other necessary and expensive infrastructure. This money that was not spent paying private or state run companies to build infrastructure could instead be used to give scholarships to those who struggle to pay for college. It could be used in high schools and elementary schools in underprivileged areas that can’t afford to pay the best teachers. I also believe this new program would lower our crime rates because prison wouldn’t be seen as an extended vacation but as a labor-intensive affair. The new program would help our state maintain its position as a global leader with human capital far superior to the rest of the world because our education system would promote success inside and outside of the classroom.

So what are your thoughts? What would you say to the Governor were you given 3 minutes of his undivided attention. I think I want to start moving my blog towards more deep thought and less about my quirks. Sorry for my absence, I was pursuing a girl who I couldn't have these type of conversations with. Now that I am done wasting my time with a mindless blonde, I think I'll blog a bit more. YOU have MY undivided attention.