Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Standing in my room

I wrote this quite a while back when I was crazy about a girl who shall remain nameless. Sleepless nights were common back then. I wish I had written less about said girl on this blog, maybe things might be different. Whatever the case, I haven't posted in a while and this is decent enough to post. Just ignore the time references.

This past weekend I made a trip down to San Diego and spent Valentines day weekend with my mom, brother, and best friends. Sunday was Valentines day and that night I couldn't sleep. Whether it was my disappointment with my solitude or the fact that the gal I am crazy about didn't return my call is of no relevance. Whatever the case, a quiet moment snuck up on me and my thoughts ambushed me as they so often do when I am not running around. As I stood in my old room I reflected on my surroundings. My bare feet felt the cold wood floor as I surveyed my room and what an excellent representation it was of the one who once resided there. I took two steps to the door and glanced at the wall where my old football jersey hangs, to the left I perused my old cork board with its multitude of comics, pictures, inspirational quotes and old science awards from junior high. I am sentimental to a fault and my room makes this abundantly clear. On the opposing wall there hangs five of my most prized possessions: my old presidential fitness awards. Those blue patches demonstrate to me that I have always strove for excellence in any athletic endeavor, but more than that, they show how damn resolute I was and indeed am in pursuit of that which I crave: success. Below the patches to the right there are numerous patriotic sayings and the flag that I will always find most beautiful. Inumerable pictures of my friends adorn the walls my room. There are two 8' shelving units that bookend my bed, one of which is overflowing with athletic awards and trophies and the other is chalk full of books (a perfect representation of my time spent in High School). My Desk is cluttered with nearly every financial matter one could think of. It is apparent that money is important to me (either that or I must be related to an accountant). My eyes are heavy and my mind runs in circles, I'll describe the rest of my room when I have a clear head. Sweet dreams!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Her: You're absolutely fantastic at couples dances, so why aren't you that good at individual dances?
Me: Maybe I wasn't made to dance alone.