Thursday, June 3, 2010

Childlike joy

Now this blog is not one where I intend to spout off a bunch of rhetoric pertaining to my moral beliefs regarding certain issues. But today I read something that angered me in ways I can't describe with mere words. I read a pro-choice advocate blog giving reasons why abortion is necessary and should be a protected right of women. One of this unnamed idiot's views for why abortion is justifiable was that it would prevent our society from "having a bunch of deformed" people and would "save" society from the complications that certain abnormalities would pose on the "normal" populace. I wish I could meet this asshole in a dark alley. Who of us is "normal" and who gets to decide when someone is a hindrance to someone else? I have spent enough time around people with special needs to know that just because they look different, think different, or act different, none of that negates their humanity. I would argue that people with special needs have a joy unmatched by those of us living the vita activa. I personally think that we who are sound in mind and body ought to spend a minute and ponder why we're so unhappy and where can we find happiness that is not circumstance based.

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