Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Alone 4

Some of my favorite movies as a youngin' were the home alone videos. I loved the ingenuity and brilliant schemes the heroic youngster came up with in his battle against the malevolent dunces who wished him harm.

The last two days I have been home alone--well almost alone, my dog Sherman has been my ever-present companion. I almost wish some bad guy(s) had tried to rob my house. I could have used the entertainment. Instead, I found out just how miserable it is to be home alone. I LOVE people and with my Mom and Brother out of town I think I regressed as a social human being.

I guess I did the whole Tom Hanks Castaway thing, I had very stimulating conversations with myself. It's funny how I could always counter my brilliant arguments--It was almost as though the other party could read my mind. I entertained myself in ways that may seem odd to those who are introverted and have long since discovered socially appropriate ways of keeping bordom at bay. One such event was my dance-a-thon with the broom as I blasted music through the house and had a fantastic time salsa dancing/sweeping the house. My dance partner and I swept the competition and were very pleased with how clean the dance floor was when the music stopped. I could go on for days about all the interesting and socially disturbing things I did in search of entertainment, but alas, it is time for bed because I have work in the morning.


  1. i like how you have the "I am Legend" theme song as your song

  2. haha i have dance parties in my house allllll the time. thats the best part of being home alone :)