Thursday, September 1, 2011

She's just not that into you

Last night I saw the movie "He's just not that into you" with my best friend. Now sadly it took about an hour and twenty minutes before the two of us realized nearly simultaneously that we were watching a chick flick. But as startling/traumatizing as that moment was for the two of us. I think I can speak for the both of us: there were a few lessons in that movie of redeeming value. In the movie numerous characters are all chasing the guy/girl of their dreams and nearly no one's love is returned by their potential beau. I appreciated this realistic look at life because in the real world your hypothetical hottie almost never returns your affection. I wish the wisdom in this movie had been a little more apparent to me a little bit earlier. The reason I say this is simple. I, like one of the major protagonists in this movie am clueless about other people's intentions. I wish my most recent love interest had sat me down and simply told me she wasn't interested and wasn't going to call me back. In the movie a kind character sits the protagonist I spoke of earlier down and tells her the famous line "he's just not that into you." I feel like he did her a kindness by trying to save her the potential heartache that comes with a dearth of information and a surplus of romantic interest.

Personally I think that we would all benefit from a little more "straight talk." A few more people telling us exactly what is going on in their silly little heads. Imagine all the time we'd save if the person we liked told us "eff off, I'm not interested." Problem solved! In the words of the great reverend Jay-z, "On to the next one." I'm sorry if this comes across as a rant (or in fact is actually a rant), but I feel that a little more translucency in romance would save us all a great deal of heartache. Like the scenes in the movie I would pace without taking my eye off of the phone and panic at the thought of missing the call that never came. In the future I guess I'll take my own advice and unequivocally pronounce my feelings to the girl I like. I will then find out rather quickly whether she's into me or not. I'm curious what stories my readers have on rejection. Feel free to email me.