Friday, July 31, 2009

that time again

This is the time that haunts me constantly. 11:11. I am making my wish. The same with I always make.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Five random

Names I like:

Favorite words that start with "B"

Most beautiful celebs:
Bridget Moynahan
Keira Knightley
Megan Fox
Claire Forlani
Jordana Brewster

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Switch

Today I was talking with a co-worker about relationships when a question was asked of me. "So, have you had any crazy girlfriends?" I laughed and said "No" but really I felt a bit strange. Because the truth is that I haven't had any girlfriends; crazy or otherwise. I get asked this a lot at work "Do you have a girlfriend?" and then "Why not?" as though something is wrong with being single. NO, I am not broken, no, I am not a social outcast, no, I am not a sexual deviant or other kind of freak, and no, I don't want you to introduce me to that "nice" friend of yours.

What if I haven't spotted a girl worth giving my love to. What if every time I find a girl I consider attractive and worth my time I find out something about her that completely turns me off. Yeah, lets spend a moment on that one. I can't stand it when I start to like a girl only to find out one of the "mandatories" is lacking or that some other less than admirable trait is present. I recall a particular girl who had many of the qualities I admire and was gorgeous in every way. Our affection was mutual but our values were different in one supremely key area. I wished so badly that I could flip the "love" switch and turn off feelings that had already grown over months of time spent together. There is no "roundup" for love. Love is a weed that grows wherever and whenever it pleases.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

call me crazy but......

I have this notion that seems foreign to all but a few of my peers. This "notion" of mine is actually more of a philosophy that I have bought into. My philosophy is simple: it is great to wait. I believe that anything worth having is worth waiting for. I have been pestered nearly non-stop since leaving for school at Cal Poly. Pestered about my choices to wait. You see it is not a big deal to me to wait to drink when I'm 21. Some have said that I'm missing out on all the fun. I beg to differ. I would argue that they do not know what fun really is. If fun is to be equated with alcohol then I feel sorry for people. I know how to have fun sober. And I still party, only difference is that I don't need booze to get up the courage to do the things I want to do. And I will remember the victories, the failures, the feelings, the emotions, the joy of the night, and have no headache in the morning. And the "buzz" that people drink to get is over-glorified, I was born with the buzz.

SEX. Got your attention didn't I? In fact you probably skipped the previous paragraph to see what this was about huh? Don't worry, I would have too. I digress. I am waiting for sex. Waiting not only for the right person, but for the right color of dress, the right ring on the right (correct) finger, I am waiting. Waiting for that one person that I would like to spend the rest of my life loving. An exclusive love that is all that God intended it to be. You see, calling me old fashioned would be correct. But it would be only half correct: I am passionate I am stubborn, and I am waiting.

This song rocks my socks. Perhaps it will rock yours:

another random thought

have you ever wondered what you would do if you knew this was your last day? Think about it............

P.S. I know you want your song so here it is.

Monday, July 13, 2009

what if I

How difficult it is to express the way I feel about her
I know its not love
but also not lust
I want to tell her
and I feel I must
but knowledge is power
and power corrupts
so I await a better time
and contemplate me
what a crime

B@Mn & BW

Did I ever tell you that I LOVE Batman? Well, I do. It's genetic and therefore incurable. My parents saw the original Batman at a drive-in the night before I was born. Clearly they weren't the only ones watching. Let me attempt to explain why I love Batman so much. There are many qualities that I find appealing about the Dark Knight. He is valiant, he is rich yet doesn't love money, he defends the weak, he is handsome and confident, witty, intelligent, a playboy on the surface but a hero deep within. He is so much more than he seems to be. I like that he fights evil though he has no super powers. I want to be someones Batman.

Can I stop telling you now? A song for your time:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prom Queen

There was a girl once. She was beautiful, but she was only beautiful. This girl was my high school "prom queen" I put this in quotes because I believe that every school has many "prom queens" who are popular girls who walk all over good guy's hearts. This video displays so perfectly what it is like to love someone who does not return your love. She f'ed around and broke my heart. She is the girl in this video, I am the guy. She was my prom queen. And this is what is going to happen: