Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 6

The guilt I feel for living in this immaculately clean room is starting to hit me. I quickly made it evident that someone is living here and that someone is not as clean as the previous occupant. There are clothes strewn haphazardly all over the room from someone who can't decide what to wear and uses his work schedule as a decisive tool (who's working tomorrow? Do I care how I look?). Along with the clothes, there are an assortment of books (I recently started three books..... and no, I do not get confused) laying among the clothes. But the best part of this chaotic collage of carefree life is by far the mattress I put in the dead center of the room. Yes, there already was a bed here in this room. No, it didn't feel right to sleep in it. Yes, I realize I am strange. But with all the mess, I like to imagine a scenario that might occur. Lets say that some random person stumbles upon this room and must use the evidence therein to make a conclusion about the resident (kind of like a show they had back in the day on MTV). I imagine it might look as though a librarian had a book party/orgy here. In conclusion, I guess I should probably clean up or else someone might get the WRONG idea, because no sex is going on here. Trust me, I'm as chaste as a moose on a mantle.

WARNING: this is not a pg13 music video. If you have high blood pressure, avoid.

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