Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 5

Today I ate my way out of unhappiness. Gobstoppers galore saved me from wishing I was in Aussieland. And two dogs who wanted to walk really really bad gave me a little bit of exercise as I enjoyed a sunset that begged a romantic audience. I am definitely planning a date that ends in this part of town. I have two spectacular views of man and God's creations within a mile of each other and both spots are uncharted by anyone but the most keen of native residents.

In other news, I decided that I need my passport pronto because I want to do some traveling. One trip I would like to take is south of the border with my surfboard and perhaps my salty and streetwise father. On this trip I would like to pursue my newest and most favored hobbie: surfing. I recently had a major breakthrough in the waves and I want nothing more than to have some space and time to perfect the new things I have been trying.

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