Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who am I writing to?

It struck me the other day while browsing my past posts on this blog that I write primarily to the female reader. I was pondering this for a while and wondering why I seem to be constantly talking to women on here. The theories I came up with were as follows:

I am in a field of study that has a strong majority of women.

Largely due to reason #1, I have a TON of close female friends at Cal Poly.

I find a lot more in common with the women my age than I do the "men." There are a plethora of reasons for this, but I'm sure I'll delve into those again at a later time.

I know far more women that read for fun then I do men. This upsets me greatly, but once again, more on that later.

I secretly hope that I will say all the right things on here and miss wonderful will pop out of the oblivion and say, "You're amazing, let's run away together and live on a tropical island where we can play soccer and a non-PG sport all day."

So in review, I have been writing primarily to women. I like what I've been doing, I'm not changing. However, I will try to write a bit more on topics that might interest both sexes.

Song of the day: Angel on my shoulder-Kaskade

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