Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've got a random (but not that random) thought for the day. How would you respond if an alien showed up on your doorstep. Now just to clarify, we're talking E.T. not illegal alien. I know I would probably respond with a mix of violence and hospitality. I would invite the bastard in for tea and cut him to bits. My best friend and I disagree on whether there is life outside of our own lovely planet. He thinks that there is a strong probability that we are not alone in this universe, I on the other hand rather enjoy feeling as though we're the only show in town (granted, we are a shit show, but still).

I do feel as though most of my negative reaction to the thought of aliens is due to how hollywood portrays them. Green slimy buggers (kind of like boogers) that have giant heads, funky looking eyes, double barrelled shotgun noses, and bad attitudes. Now given that description I feel it necessary to point out that I've met a few humans who have two or so of those very same characteristics. I guess my biggest complaint with the idea of aliens is the fact that if we aren't alone in this universe then we are just a part of a bigger picture, one that includes those who are foreign in ways our science fiction writers love to dream up. I choose to believe that we here on earth are strange enough and we don't need anyone vying for the attention with their bug eyes and goofy heads.

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  1. When they come down I'll send them all to you!