Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cancer sucks

All but one of my grandparents were taken from me in the coarse of one year when I was in elementary school. The one grandparent that wasn't taken that year had already been stolen by the same thief: Cancer. My very first friend was taken too, he wasn't even in first grade. If cancer were a person we'd have serious beef. But since it is an amorphous evil I am left with a huge amount of anger and no real place to put it. But wait! NO, that can't be legal. Or is it? Streaking for cancer? You can't be serious!

Friday is Cal Poly's fourth annual Streak Hathaway event (Hathaway is a raucous party street near campus). An event marked by drunken debauchery and voyeurism but also somehow decidedly philanthropic. You see, Streak Hathaway is a fundraiser for cancer. The leaders of this event sell t-shirts and this year for the first time they will be selling pasties. All profits from the sales of the t-shirts and pasties go to breast cancer research. In the past over $2400 dollars has been raised for breast cancer research. I think this is a noble and fantastic way to come together as a community and fight cancer and even have some fun doing it! This year for the first time ever, I will be streaking, and I couldn't think of a better way to scratch "Go Streaking" off my bucket list.

Here is a video from the inaugural event. Obviously it didn't start out as organized as it is now.

And who could go streaking without remembering "Frank the Tank"

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