Friday, August 7, 2009

Thrift store Dior

Thrift stores are like treasure hunting. Sometimes you go and you find jack diddly squat, nada, zilch, and other times you hit the jackpot, strike it rich, and win big. My mom, brother, and fellow partner in crime: Wayne are all avid thrift store connoisseurs. We hit thrift stores like Chris Brown hits women: hard.

Sometimes at thrift stores you find nada and other times, Prada. I especially love that thrift stores sell clothing from other times. Where else can you find twenty year old shoes. Relics from times past. Fashion is a merry go round and there are kids (fashions) that get on over and over again and then there are kids that have one wild ride and then exit the merry go round for good. I shop for those clothes that have returned to the merry go round and are waiting to be given their second spin.

The other day a couple of my friends were trying to define their own "style" in a sentence or two. That got me thinking. What is my style? I have champagne taste and can't afford the Armani I'd like to be wearing however, I did come up with a "style." I am the 80's meets James Dean meets GQ. Two parts Classy and one part funk. What is your "style?"

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  1. i dont really have a style... lol idk its never been my first priority altho i def feel my best in some nice jeans and a nice, new tshirt that actually fits properly lol