Friday, August 28, 2009

My other family

Do your family members each have favorite weapons? Do they scream Katy Perry lyrics at the top of their lungs? Do they sort their laundry on the dining room table? Is there a pirate themed room in your house? How about a shrine to Heath Ledger? If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions then there is a high chance that you live in my best friend's house.

In addition to the previous paragraph's details. The family I am trying to describe, and the house they inhibit are unique. Where else can one always find thirty flavors of vitamin water in the fridge. And where else is smash brothers an olympic sport; complete with trash talk and occasional violence. Where else is there consistently spam and craisins in the cub bards? I know no other place that I can drink grape juice anytime day or night and watch "The Dark Knight" with people as fanatical about Batman as I.

This is my sanctuary. My vacation home. My home away from home.

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