Friday, August 7, 2009

The Nightmare

do not feign ignorance of what I speak
for it is you who trespasses my mind
how dare you smile so innocently
if only your face reflected the sorrow of my soul
then your potency would vanish
and up in smoke
the image would evaporate
were it not seared into my mind
then perhaps I could live
but instead I am haunted
by visions of you
I see your hair in the wind
the ocean's mist surrounds you as you gaze sweetly at the sunset
you are only a stride or two from me
yet it is an eternity away
I once caught a whiff of you
I awoke with the distinct feeling of your kiss on my lips
and yet the scent of you entranced me still
you were not there and you are not here
you reside in a place not quite real
and yet not far away
the future cannot hide you forever
a day not long from now
the kiss I feel and the scent I smell
will not evaporate with the morning
were it not so
I would surely beg dismissal from this cruel game of life

1 comment:

  1. you'll find her when ur least expecting it, says prophet siracusa.