Sunday, August 2, 2009

I once:

-argued with a girl about her middle name
-searched my entire house for hours looking for an object I clutched in my fisted hand
-tore my swim shorts at the beach and mooned the world till my mom's friend alerted me

Have you ever done anything embarrassing? Lets hear it in the comment box. This is a no judgement zone. We will laugh with you not at you. (however because the internet affords a certain amount of privacy to its viewers, I cannot promise that a few wont laugh at you;)


  1. i fell face first into dog poop at an extended family gathering. but i don't remember it so i can't say that i was embarassed.

    i'll get back to you on a truly embarrassing moment...

  2. Just as i was about to enter a house that was having a party I farted and a little more than gas came out. I had to do some serious cleanup in the bathroom, totally gross dude..