Monday, April 5, 2010

Stiletto Staccato

My best friend loves poetry that rhymes. He was kind enough to give me a list of tips for how one should run a blog. One of the tips was to post daily. So today I am posting for the second consecutive day. This poem is dedicated to WCR, I rhymed for your entertainment. Thank you for the good advice. This took me 40 minutes, so go easy on me I rushed before class.

They're as high as the sky
powerful and so full of pride
the sounds they make
and the long legged stride

I'm obsessed you see
with the sound of your gait
the stilettos shine
and the sounds they create

I think it might be
the pretty painted ten
or maybe the way
your footsteps are zen

down the hallway
I hear them come
I dare not look
I will surely succumb

but look I did
and succumb I will
but its soo worth it
for that glorious thrill

for what is man
but a admirer of you
at least that's me
with that perfect shoe

your heels pay you
its homage they give
for the privilege to reside
in the place where they live

those stems so pretty
would be nothing without
the flower at the end
and its delicious clout

I'd travel the world
kiss my momma goodbye
to reside in a place
down the street from your thigh

I'm not a creep
I swear its the truth
I don't mean to be crass
certainly not uncouth

but I lose control
when I hear the sound
of heels tapping pleasantly
on the solid ground

1 comment:

  1. Magnifico!

    But as much as I favor foot fashion of the fairer sex, I'm far from being a fan of the stiletto heel on the female form.