Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Non-serious post

I've only got a minute because I have a motor learning and control lab to finish, but I still want to post more than I have been. So, today I am going to pose a question to my readers.

If you had to choose 7 inanimate objects to describe yourself what would you choose?
What would these 7 objects convey about you?

I recently pondered these questions when they randomly popped in my head and I still haven't decided my answers. This is me stalling for time while keeping up the ruse of blogging regularly. Thank you for indulging my curiosity. Post your answers if you dare, if not, then enjoy the infinite pleasure that comes from getting to know yourself better. I think we'll have more of these psychological questions since I am attempting to minor in psychology.

Such a fun song:


  1. The Ocean
    A Kitchen Aide Mixer
    An American Flag
    A baby bottle
    A Pen (god quality, smooth writing)

  2. good quality* That is a funny typo.

  3. sandstone
    magnesium shards
    a buoy
    an oak tree
    a letter
    a spoon
    a loaf of sourdough bread