Thursday, April 22, 2010


Many days of my life have been spent lamenting the rain. Monday was not one of those days. Monday started like many other days except that my alarm clock was not the increasing volume of a clock radio but a torrential downpour and the howling wind. I cursed inwardly as I contemplated my mile and a half trek to school. As I shampooed my hair, I wondered if this shower was foreshadowing of the day to come. I munched unhappily on my breakfast of reheated yams and garlic chicken while looking out our 6' by 10' massive third story apartment window. The view is beautiful on any given day, the numerous mountains are tremendous and I have climbed them, sunsets are rivaled only in Hawaii.

Monday I saw no beauty in the torrent coming from the clouds who seemed to glare at me from their lofty perches; I glared back. Almost in rebellion to the dreary weather outside, I left with only 20 minutes till my class was to begin (not at all typical of someone who loathes tardiness). I had put on my waterproof pants and massive rain jacket so as to be virtually untouchable by the rain. As I unlocked my mountain bike the thought occurred to me that I WAS invulnerable to the rain. A HUGE smile crossed my face as I picked out my favorite flamenco song and hopped onto my mountain bike. I chose the scenic (read: offroad) route to class and proceeded to seek out every lake-sized puddle I could find. I rode fast, I rode hard, and I nearly got hit by numerous cars. As I sat dripping in my kinesiology class my classmate mentioned to me that I had mud on my face. What she didn't tell me was that I had mud EVERYWHERE: my backpack, pants, shoes, jacket, and bike (still dripping after an 90 minutes of class) were all covered in a brown liquid vaguely reminiscent of that one time I changed my newborn cousin's diaper. I decided monday that I did in fact like the rain because the rain brought the mud and I like mud. It's kind of like that ugly friend of yours named Laura who has that gorgeous sister who you really like. Unfortunately you can't hang out with the ultra attractive sister unless you hang with Laura.


Laura's really attractive sister:

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