Friday, May 15, 2009


A question was asked of me today. Ok, here is the background info: My WOW mom and I were having a fine afternoon chat. My WOW mom was reflecting back on her experience at Cal Poly as she is about to graduate. She told me that she had finally come to an important conclusion on life: that everyone needed to have their own definition of success. She then explained her definition of success. For her, success is making those around her happy. So, what is my definition of success? I know for sure, my definition is not as selfless as my WOW mom's. Success is a beautiful wife that loves me. Success is a couple of kids, with toothy smiles and endless giggling. Success is going to work at a job that makes me excited to get up every morning. Success is having a fantastic large house with a pool in the backyard and a Benz in the driveway. Success is old friends. Success is a puppy with a incessantly wagging tail. Success is all this and soooooo much more. So, I guess I still don't really know what my definition for success is. I only know that I want it ALL.

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