Saturday, May 2, 2009

NO, I didn't misspell it

To whom it may concern, I did not error when I titled this blog.  Though currently my last name is spelled Madera, it pays no tribute to my ancestry.  My grandpa fought in WWII.  While there he changed the spelling of his last name from Madeira to Madera.  I am currently unsure as to why he changed it.  I only know that I am not hispanic, I am Portuguese.  As such, I decided to title this blog with my last name as it should be; the Portuguese way.  The dog tags I wear around my neck have my grandpa's name as it used to be on them.  These tags were worn by him when he was fired at by a panzer (read: tank).  They saw a considerable amount of Europe, including Italy, another country where I trace my ancestry.  Who knows how many bullets flew past my grandpa as he wore these dog tags--any one of which, could have prevented my existence.  I consider these dog tags a link to my past; a past I didn't live, but I frequently ponder.  I am convinced that one cannot know where they are going till they know where they have come from.  

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