Tuesday, May 12, 2009

girl talk

I have many doubts as to how attractive I am at 7am, however, today I must have done something right because I sure as heck caught the attention of a certain girl in my english class. Now, usually I would be concernicus (dane cook anyone?) about the unwarranted attention of a woman whom I have no interest in. Yet as I sat there in class yawning, I couldn't help but feel amused as she stared conspicuously. But my amusement soon faded and I was vexed, didn't anyone teach this girl that it is impolite to stare? As class continued, and I pondered my situation, I began to smile and realize how odd it was that I should actually catch a girl eying me. You girls are sly, guileful creatures, and are as likely to get caught looking as a guy is to get caught in panty hose and high heels; both happen, but it is a rare occurrence. I believe that girls have a sixth sense about when you are about to turn and catch them stealing a glance. This sixth sense has only evolved in women, because I know as a guy that I have been caught staring on more occasions then I like to recount, and I consider myself a particularly stealthy admirer.

I have considered the option that I am completely wrong on this whole affair. Maybe the reason girls don't get caught staring at guys is simply that they don't! Nowadays It seems like girls (I divide the whole world into girls and guys) have lost interest in guys. Now granted, we are not as easy on the eyes as the fairer sex, however, when push comes to shove, I should think it natural for at least a few of us to be deemed handsome. No?

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