Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 things I did in Hawaii this Christmas break

1. Ate a coconut I personally escorted out of a coconut palm in a jungle.
2. Snuck into disney's Aulani resort pool area with three friends and ate Hawaiian shaved ice in the shade by the pool
3. Watched a Waikiki sunset with that empty feeling that accompanies knowing you should be sharing a kiss with someone at that precise moment in time.
4. Ate steamed shrimp from a shrimp farm in a tropical rainstorm under a canopy in 80 degree weather.
5. Went to 7 beaches in one day, swam in each and every one.
6. Snorkeled a half mile offshore over a reef that went at least that far up and down the beach.
7. Hiked a mile through dense rainforest to overlook a gorgeous view of a bay I can't pronounce the name of.
8. Drove around an entire island in a day with two fantastic friends getting lost on adventure after adventure.
9. Wore flip flops, swim trunks, sunscreen, and a smile like it was my Hawaii uniform.
10. Discovered that California and Colorado have the most beautiful women in the world. Hawaii has a bevy of obese polynesian women who ride around in motorized wheelchairs in costco. P.S. I haven't been to Colorado.
11. (Bonus Event) Searched for and found the Black Pearl ship from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

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