Friday, March 25, 2011

Every open door

I always sit facing the door
thousands of booths
and just as many sunsets
restaurants with bells on the door
and a cold hand that longs for the warmth of yours
I hear the bell jingle

and I always look toward the door
granted I haven’t a clue what you look like
not the faintest idea
but my heart doesn’t know that
and neither do I

each pretty girl I see
plays the part in my mental drama
I dress them in white with a veil
and I undress them too
but somehow, someway
they’re never you

can’t say that I like the waiting game
but then again, I’m the one who claims
“anything worth having is worth waiting for”
I know you will be worth the wait
but until the day I meet you
I’ll look toward every open door


  1. This poem touches my heart. You will meet a beautiful, wonderful girl who will knock your socks off. You will know when you meet the right one. Let God direct this. If it does not fall somewhat into place it isn't meant to be.

  2. very well done, I think this summarizes your philosophy and feelings on love very well, as well as giving the reader vivid imagery. The way you were able to bring it back at the end was very good