Monday, February 14, 2011

Costco romance

Damn it, valentines day has me posting twice in one day. I hate that. I much prefer to neglect whatever readers I have. But this story caught my eye a week or so back and I decided to share it with you now. Seemed appropriate, all things considered.

"On our first date, Ray took me hiking in the mountains; on our second date, to an Elton John concert. When he called to ask me out on our third date, I couldn't wait to hear what he would suggest. 'Want to meet at Costco?' he asked. 'I need to pick up some things for a catering job - Ray owns a restaurant - and Costco has great Polish hot dogs.' Now, don't get me wrong: I have a Costco card and appreciate the prices as much as anyone. But a cement warehouse for a third date?"

"We met at the store, and as I watched him throw jumbo boxes of frozen meatballs and shrimp in his cart, something changed. Shopping with him, I felt a surprising sense of intimacy. There was comfort in the fact that we could enjoy doing something so mundane together."

(Taken from Redbook via MSN. To read the complete article go here:>1=32092)

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