Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thanks mom

Have I mentioned before how much I love my mom? I could talk all day and night about how much I adore that woman, but I have been writing that post for quite some time and I don't want to spoil it before I post it in the future. However, I must share one little tidbit my mom taught me, a little golden nugget of truth. She said, "Handwritten cards say whatever you are trying to say in the most meaningful and memorable way." I guess this is why she always has "handwritten cards" at the top of her list leading up to christmas. So, the purpose I am using a card for tonight is to thank another woman who has helped me on my way. This woman is an Occupational Therapist, and she took time out of her busy (trust me, I observed her for nigh 100 hours) schedule to write me a letter of recommendation for grad school. I can't really explain how much something like that means to me, but suffice to say, I will never forget her words of encouragement. I think, as I mentioned before, we all really need someone who believes in us. We all really need someone to give us a push in the right direction. Tonight I hope I can as eloquently as possible, articulate on paper my thanks to one such person.

In other news, my family has a new addition. My cousin gave birth to an 8 pound 8 oz. cutie pie named Keira. She was born on 1-11-11 so I think she's going to be a lucky one. Oh, for those of you who are a part of the official Jesse Madera fan club, want to venture any bets on who came up with the name.

And as always, a song for your time:

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