Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Return to poetry

I took a poetry class at Cal Poly. I loved every second of it till I pulled a 48 hour straight massive poetry fest where I put together a gigantic portfolio with my heart and soul bared for my teacher to grade. I received a "B" in that class and I'm afraid it soured my experience so badly that I haven't written a line of poetry until now. And now I am forcing myself back to the sanctuary I used to run to. So tread softly you who read this, and keep in mind that corny love poems are my favorite topic. I only want to share the first stanza with you.


You’re a collection of glances
Each of them stolen
And all of them the contraband of my dreams
My imagination is no substitute for your beauty
And like the addict I’ve become
My appetite for your loveliness is no match
for the shortage I endure

Someday I hope to marry a woman who's beauty is contraband.

1 comment:

  1. Did you have had loon Cushing?? Cause I just took a poetry class last quarter and I got into a big argument/discussion with that man about what poetry is supposed to be... (ohhh good blog idea!) *runs off to write a blog about it*

    Basically I also just don't think poetry should be graded, everyone should have gotten an A...I also got a B and I write ALL the time! :/

    So you should write the way you always write! Don't let someone tell you your writing is B work...