Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sex starts in the kitchen

My mom told me a long time ago, "When you are married someday you will need to help out in the kitchen." As we were doing dishes that night she explained to me that a healthy marriage can often be spotted in the kitchen after dinner. If both the wife and husband are involved in the cleanup process, then often times that is an indication of a healthy marriage. When I grew older my mom explained this to me again, but this time it really clicked. She said, "Sex starts in the kitchen." Asking for clarification (I tend to be a very literal person), I found out that this was a very logical truth. My mom explained to me that after a long day of dealing with kids/working and then cooking and or cleaning, a woman is tired and the last thing she wants to do is clean up after dinner. A wise husband, my mom explained, offers to clean up after dinner and tells his wife "Go relax, I know you worked hard all day, I got this." Now the reason this is wise should be apparent, but my mom explained anyway. "Happy wife-Happy life. A woman who is tired isn't going to want sex." The lightbulb definitely went on in my mind after this talk, and as a result, I am a kitchen fiend. I always think of my mom's advice whenever the kitchen is dirty or has dishes laying around and I smile and happily go to work because I am practicing. I don't understand why my dad never got these things. And I will never understand why he would ignore my mom when she told him that dinner was ready, only to come in 30 minutes after we'd started eating. Any woman that cooks for you had better be listened to when she says it's time to eat. I live to be the antithesis of my dad.

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