Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diary of a helpless romantic Part 2/ Ghost Loving

Alright, so I'm sure at least one of you guys wants to know how my plan worked out. Here's all the juicy details you could ever inquire about.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7am to the blaring cell phone alarm that usually ruins my peaceful sleep. Immediately regretting setting my alarm for an hour before the farmers market even opened, I cursed at myself before hopping out of bed and sauntering to the shower. I had picked out my outfit the night before and I took hardly any time to get dressed and ready. Skipping breakfast so that I could eat at the farmers market, I set off in my car (thank God for GPS) for Little Italy. When I arrived I decided to scope out the place and see if she was indeed there. Sure enough, she was manning the booth for Lisko Imports with a bevy of delicious food. I promptly bought a bouquet and a croissant along with a few other trinkets before finding the courage to head over to her section of the booth.

Feigning as though I didn't remember her or didn't recognize her from wednesday night, I began looking at the goods for sale. Her face lit up and she started to say something just as I too started talking. Apologizing for cutting her off I said, "What were you going to say?" She then replied, "Weren't you at the OB farmers market this week?" "Yes I was!" "How did you like those eclairs?" "Oh they were delicious, but boy oh boy if I keep coming back here I will be fat in no time, everything is soo good!" laughter "So what do you recommend?" (referring to the olives she is standing near) "Well, I personally like the garlic olives, but they ruin your breath like nothing else" "Ok, may I try one?" (as she jabs one with a toothpick, I am beginning to get concerned that my plan will not work because she may not ask about the flowers) She hands the olive over saying, "Ok now, don't go for a hot makeout session after this!" "Oh, I'll do my best" At this point I am realizing that she's not going to ask outright about the flowers. After ordering more ciabatta bread and sundried tomato dip then I can consume in two lifetimes, she asks, "Is this all for you? Having a feast?" I see my opportunity come at me and I take it. "Well, the Croissant is mine exclusively, the Ciabatta I might share with my mom, and the sundried tomato sauce I'll probably share with her too, but the flowers, the flowers are for you!" "For ME?" She asks inquisitively. "Yes, for you! thanks for everything" And it is at this point that my very cool deed becomes something of the past. I hadn't thought my plan out past the point of giving her the flowers. This is my patented invention called: Ghost Loving.

Ghost Loving is doing something fabulously romantic with no plan of action or pursuit. It is a coping mechanism that romantics like myself find themselves doing inadvertently because all this passion has to go somewhere. Why not put this zeal to work in spreading the love? I certainly find myself dreaming of a life with every girl I meet. So doing tiny little things here and there just appeases my need to do this eternally with someone I don't just picture a future with, I actually desire a future with. Goodness, this whole story seems like a giant digression. So what is the point? Is there a point? I don't really know, but I guess the beauty of blogging is that you feign as though you are enlightening those who read your blog, but in reality, it is the author who finds the true knowledge gained by expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings on the world wide web. Blogging is the single best way to get to know yourself.

Tonight this song was inspirational. It is a classic in my book:

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  1. aww, you probably made her day though by giving her flowers. every girl likes getting flowers.

    one day i was walking from my car to work and this little girl was standing with her family while they were unloading the car for the beach, she was holding a flower that she had obviously picked from the bushes along the sidewalk but as I walked by she randonly stepped out and handed them to me. it was silly but it made my day lol :) even if they were from a little girl and not from a hot guy haha.