Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Switch

Today I was talking with a co-worker about relationships when a question was asked of me. "So, have you had any crazy girlfriends?" I laughed and said "No" but really I felt a bit strange. Because the truth is that I haven't had any girlfriends; crazy or otherwise. I get asked this a lot at work "Do you have a girlfriend?" and then "Why not?" as though something is wrong with being single. NO, I am not broken, no, I am not a social outcast, no, I am not a sexual deviant or other kind of freak, and no, I don't want you to introduce me to that "nice" friend of yours.

What if I haven't spotted a girl worth giving my love to. What if every time I find a girl I consider attractive and worth my time I find out something about her that completely turns me off. Yeah, lets spend a moment on that one. I can't stand it when I start to like a girl only to find out one of the "mandatories" is lacking or that some other less than admirable trait is present. I recall a particular girl who had many of the qualities I admire and was gorgeous in every way. Our affection was mutual but our values were different in one supremely key area. I wished so badly that I could flip the "love" switch and turn off feelings that had already grown over months of time spent together. There is no "roundup" for love. Love is a weed that grows wherever and whenever it pleases.

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