Sunday, November 6, 2011


Dear readers,
I'm terribly sorry for neglecting you for the past several months. I think I will resume blogging more now. I've found a new muse of sorts and I'm running with it. Today I'd like to discuss the topic of serendipity.

What a wonderfully complex and terrifying world this is, am I right? When we stop to consider the infinitesimal nuances of our interactions with other people we begin to get a grasp on how fragile our reality really is. Consider for a moment your best friend in the world or your significant other (for those of you fortunate enough to have one). How did you meet this person? I know for me my interaction with my best friend would have never occurred had his mom not intervened one day in fourth grade. My story is an exception of sorts because another person pushed fate aside and forged a new reality, a reality where two people had no choice in the matter and became instant friends. But what of other scenarios. There are a million little details that lead up to any interaction. Let's dream up a common scenario where boy meets girl. In nearly every boy meets girl scenario there is a tremendous amount of luck (is it really luck though) that leads up to their first glance at each other. Time is probably the biggest factor as demonstrated by this video from a movie I love "serendipity"

When you stop to think about how chaotic this world is you come to appreciate the relationships that by some miracle of chance happened. Destiny or serendipity or fate or chance; they are all words that still fail to capture the magic of meeting someone who you will spend the rest of your life with. The beauty of these incredible instances is that we all know how empty our lives would be without the people we love and yet somehow we live in a world where one step in another direction, one minute later or earlier out our front door and we end up not ever knowing the person we can't imagine our lives without. THIS is why I love serendipity, because it's pure magic.

Now I know some of you might be thinking that this stuff only happens in movies. So just take a look at Alex and Donna Voutsinas' story.

Couple Recalls Disney Meeting As Children - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando

Moral of the story: believe in chance! And if you found someone who you can't live without hold onto them real tight because you now realize what a miracle it is to be with them.

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  1. HMMM this sounds a lot like another blog that was posted..... except better written with better examples. This just became a love hate.