Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sad Truth

I thoroughly enjoy the site I have the ipod touch application and I read them nearly everyday. They really make me laugh because sometimes life is less than ideal. But through it all it is important to smile and don't let anyone or anything take your joy. My mom said it best once when she said, "Squeeze the good out of everyday." I love my mom. There are few people who are as positive and joyful as she is. I like to think that I inherited her enthusiasm for life. Though my mom would disapprove, I definitely just posted an FML to the site. Here it is:

"today I couldn't set up my online bill-pay for my credit card because all of the security questions were related to either girlfriend or fiance/spouse. I have never had a girlfriend. I am nearly 21. FML"

Please don't misunderstand me. I am not having a pity party. I am single by choice. I refuse to settle, and I am pickier than anyone I know.

Since I've told you about FML and FML doesn't really jive with my personal views on how beautiful life is, permit me to inform you of a more positive substitute. I have two. The first is and the second is

Both websites are wonderful and both really have the ability to make your day better. Check them out, they are the same format as

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