Friday, October 9, 2009

How dare you!

It is a well known fact amongst those who know me best, that I am ALWAYS early. To help you understand this fact I will run you through a typical school morning.

When I have a 7am class I will wake up at 5am. I grab my outfit that I picked out the night before and my towel and I head to the bathroom. I spend 20-30 minutes in the shower marinating. I then eat a very leisurely breakfast (what I eat is another topic for another time). During my relaxing and slow breakfast, I usually read the newspaper in its entirety. I love knowing what is going on in the world since I intend to take it over soon. If I don't have the newspaper then I read a novel of some sort. After my breakfast is done I pack my lunch and brush my teeth. I use listerine if I think I'll be talking to a particularly cute gal. I then grab my backpack which I packed the night before and I walk briskly out the door to my bike. Before unlocking my bike I grab my ipod (Aubrey) and I put on the jams. Once on my bike I am Lance Armstrong, I have no clue how to ride slowly. I usually make the mile and a half ride to campus in less than five minutes. Because I have ridden to school as though it were a race, I usually end up breathing heavily and have beads of sweat on my forehead. It is now 6:30-6:40am and class is thirty minutes from now because at Cal Poly classes start ten minutes after the hour. I feel late if I am less than 15-20 minutes early. During the 20-30 minutes before class starts I usually go to the classroom and sit down in my favorite seat. I usually sit there and think while listening to music. However, because I am all alone, I sometimes sing along if the whim arises. My other classmates don't typically arrive until 6:55-7:10am, by which time I have thoroughly sung my heart out and planned my day's activities.

If you haven't noticed, I am a creature or habit. So imagine my dismay when I arrived to class a week ago and danced my way into the classroom twenty-five minutes early only to find someone in the classroom. Imagine my consternation when I realized that this individual was in "MY" seat. Not only was I being gypped out of my personal karaoke time, but this guy was sitting in the perfect center of the classroom. The seat that I had inhabited every day prior to this unfortunate and wretched day.

There were no songs this morning. No melody could escape the clenched lips that were an upside-down half pipe on this grim morn. I sat one seat behind my new foe and proceeded to glare with all my might at my nemesis. My mal de ojo did little to persuade this villain out of his (my) perch.

I wish this story had a happy ending but unfortunately for you and I, it doesn't. Moral of the story: early bird gets the worm. And if you get up earlier than I do and sit in my seat: I will kill you.

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  1. Sorry I didn't know that seat meant so much to you. Please don't kill me.