Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The top sexiest exotic cars produced today

The most beautiful cars in the world are all modeled after women. These cars have curves in all the right places, they are sleek, aggressive, beautiful, fierce, powerful, and take your breath away. My mom has always compared women to exotic cars and men to pickup trucks. I would like to continue that analogy by saying that with an exotic car (and women)--if you treat it (her) well-- it (she) will treat you well. But if you don't treat her well (lets say you are rough with her) she'll Kill you.

Here are my favorite mean machines:

#1-Aston Martin DB9

#2-Audi R8

#3-Maserati Gran Turismo

#4-Lamborghini Estoque

#5-Ferrari 599 Fiorano

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